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Hal Leonard Vs. Alfred's

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Hi All,

I was looking at The Hal Leonard Guitar Method books and comparing them to the Alfred's Guitar Method books. They seem pretty similar. Hal Leonard *might* be a little more modern covering things like power chords, etc. that Alfred's doesn't seem to. Which series do you guys think is better?

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Hi aquaphone, and welcome to GN. I can't give you an opinion on the Alfred's method, but I personally have the Hal Leonard method. I bought the complete edition that has all three books in one and the three CDs that accompany the noted lessons in the books. I have even burned a CD that I keep in my car that contains the lessons I am currently working on and the ones that I want to work on. I can't look at the book, but as I hear each example repeatedly somehow it helps when I do sit down to work on them.

Hope this helps.


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I can't speak for the other one - never used/seen it... but I have the Hal Leonard books/CDs and think they are great.

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I can't speak to the Alfred's book, but I used the Hal Leonard Guitar Method when I stared and found it extremely helpful in terms of building a nice foundation of the basics to work from. I purchased the complete 3 book serious, but could have gotten away with just the first 2 books to be quite honest. I worked through the first 2 books religiously, however, found that by the time I got to book 3 I wanted to move onto something different. Good luck.