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have any of you seen or used the esteban video's

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as some of you know from my other post.. I have an esteban acoustic/electric guitar and a carvin C980T that I got a SMOKIN deal on.

I have chosen to go with the carvin... once I started learning it was a no brainer, and all of your advice assured me that I was going down the right path using the carvin and "storing" the esteban for now.

But I have a 6 DVD collection of the esteban package and have been going through it since I got the first guitar. MY FINGERS ARE FINALLY NOT KILLING ME... I LOVE CALLOUSES!!!! So my question is, he starts with why steel strings and not nylon, followed by poper position for sitting, proper position for right and left hands, then he has you do the chromatic scale, which I 'm not great at but it's getting better, then the first "song" which is just a part of it he teaches you is malegania (spelling?)... you use a E major and A minor. I got the part he teaches you down to the point it sounds like music and not noise, then he moves onto the beginning of greensleeves, E major, A minor and Modified G.

he hasn't mentioned any other scales ect.... just the chromatic scales and then into these parts of the songs.

is there anything else that I should be doing?

I am looking for a REAL LIVE PERSON to buy classes from but I have'nt found one yet.

the problem that I'm having with stuff off of the internet is that I can somewhat understand the chord charts, but not always which finger goes where. I am assuming that I should learn my finger placement correct from the start and not just guess.

On a side note my wife is going to kill me eventually, I practice as much as I can a day which is a couple of hours at least. I'm 33 years old and found that I just LOVE playing (ok plucking and making noise) on the guitar.

anyway, do any of you have any opinions about the esteban DVD's?