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Having trouble with Em7 and F chords

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I wondered if anyone had tips on playing these chords. My issue is I can hold down the strings in the first fret, until I move my other fingers to make the complete chord. I have tried on my acoustic Guitar, Fender Strat and Epiphone Les Paul. I appreciate the help.I hope this is question is not too basic. Thanks


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Hi, I found this video is very helpful for the F chord, I tried to put the URL link, couldn't get that to work so put the video, hope that's all right,

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Many people have difficulty with the F chord but there is no reason to have trouble with the Em7 . It can be played by placing only 1 finger at the second fret on the fifth string . All the strings can then be played and it's an Em7 .

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Learn to make the E maj shape with your middle (2) and ring (3) fingers and pinky (4), then put down your index finger to barre. It works that way for the Am shape barre chords also (e.g. Bm, Cm), and Em shapes (Fm, Gm, etc. fingers 2,3 then barre). It takes some getting used to because most people (I guess most, I haven't taken a poll :P ) learn to make an E maj and Am with fingers 1,2,3 and Em with fingers 1 and 2. But you have to re-learn to use those fingers for the barre chords. That's my opinion anyway.

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