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Hello, I'm new to t...
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Hello, I'm new to the site here

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I've wanted to learn guitar for decades but haven't taken the time nor made the effort, but now I'm going to.

I'm now in my early 60's, am a little ambidextrious depending upon what I'm doing, not sure if I'll play left or right handed. I've got a couple guitars and basic 10-15w amps that I've picked up over the years.

Not sure if I'd be better off paying for lessons or self teaching with books and dvd and youtube stuff.

My musical interests are wide and varied and tend to shift at times depending upon the season.

I'm open to suggestions, tips, comments, and just whatever might help.

I'll be checking out the newbie learning threads and lessons on the site here.

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Well if you have guitars and amps already then you'll just need to go on youtube and look up some tutorials on songs you want to play. See the guitars they have and look up some stuff. Humbuckers are for heavier things and single coils are more for softer music. I learned everything I know from youtube you'll be fine.

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Welcome, Mike. I too, am in my sixties (although it's hard for me to believe!). I played a lot when I was younger, but then put the guitar aside and focused on other things. Now, I'm back and loving it more than ever!

And have things changed! When I first learned, I just bought some song books with guitar chords and learned by adding songs to my repertoire. Now, with the Internet, I find it easy to get lost in the flood of data.

So, here's my suggestion: search around the 'Net for *free* guitar lessons (there are many to be found). This site (Guitar Noise) is a very good one, but I fear it may deteriorate since its guiding hand has been struck ill. Still, there's a lot of good content, explained well, and free for the taking!

Once you've found one you like, stick with it. Bouncing around from site to site may do more to confuse you than help you. You wouldn't go to a different music teacher every week, would you?

Two pieces of advice have helped me tremendously since I returned to the guitar:

  • Devote a MINIMUM of five minutes PER DAY to playing/practicing, and
  • Have fun. If it's not fun, put down the guitar and come back to it when it feels like fun.
  • Duke Ellington said it best: "If it sounds good, it IS good!"

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    And welcome to Guitar Noise. A bit belatedly, perhaps, but welcome all the same.

    To make things easier on yourself, first understand that there is a lot of material here. It's easy to get overwhelmed. Please feel free to either email me directly ([email protected]) or just post any questions you'd like right here.

    While I did suffer a stroke not all that long ago (July 16) I am in the process of recovering and more than happy to answer what questions you may have.

    In addition to the various lessons and articles, be sure to give a listen to the half-hour podcasts as well. Many folks have found those very helpful.

    Looking forward to chatting with you again.


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    Thanks for the welcomes. I've been exploring a bit and will delve more into this site as well, looks like a lot of good info to learn from.

    Good to hear that the stroke recovery is going well.

    Off to wander around the site a bit and see what I can learn. The podcasts might be good to listen to during my lunchtime walks around the business park.