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Hello all, My name is David, im 24 and im from dublin, ireland. Approximatly 2 months ago, my brother was in the process of throwing out a 3/4 acoustic guitar he had bought for next to nothing to learn to play, it had no strings and was fairly beatup. It had multiple scratches, some pockmarks on the back, and is a horrible faded mahogany colour. It looks like it was assembled on the cheap by a guy with 15 minutes till it was time to go home who was only getting paid for 10. And sound's exactly like this is the case.It didn't even have strings. It's an old guitar, but not by age. I fell in love with it immediatly and wouldn't let him throw it out. he had given up trying to play, and i took it off his hands. I took her home, and decided i was going to learn how to play her. That was 2 months ago, and just like with women, my eye wanders. She could no longer satisfy my desire for good sound. I had moved on, and though i will always remember her fondly, i have a new love now. And she is beautiful. She is my Epiphone EP45 Acoustic/electric guitar, and she is magnificant.

I'm a complete novice, having only gotten to grips with D, C, G, and Aminor and Fminor chords. I've learned the chromatic scale ( i think ) and am currently trying to learn the first song for beginners found on guitar noise, a horse with no name. Im trying to get my rhythm down and am practicing for about 3/4 of an hour a day, roughly. Pleased to meet you.

Now, my first of many, many questions (not all at once, but rest assured this is not the last time you will see my name without some form of question mark after it); Where should i begin? Should i jump straight in and just try to learn song's that have been listed out on the website? Is there a comprehensive guide for starting out? Doe's this website have all the information i will need to get the best start possible, or should i seek professional help for my learning experience?

Money's kind of tight at the moment with the losing of the job and all, so if i can learn on the cheap, great. Any and all help you can give me would be fantastic. What im looking for is just a place i can start, thing's like a listing of all the beginner's chords, explanations of note scales, tutorials on how to read sheet music etc. Thanks again, and i look forward to learning all i can.

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Welcome to GN!

the easy song data base here in the forums is a great source for 2-3 chord songs that will keep you from burning out.

everyone progresses at a different pace, and has different expectations, limitations, etc.
set small goals and have fun!


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thanks for the pointer. Should i just hit the forum and learn to play these songs? Will learning said songs help me with the basic's?

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Along with all the Lessons and Beginner songs on Guitar Noise, I suggest you go through the fantastic (free) course at Justin Guitar ( ).

The course online is similar to many other "method" courses. If you prefer to work out of a book as well, I suggest "Hal Leonard Guitar Method". It is fairly cheap (~$20) and a great course to get you going.

Once you have gone through the basics and have a good foundation to build on, you can choose a specific type of playing to work on (rhythm/strumming, lead/picking, fingerpicking, blues, etc, etc...). Search around Guitar Noise or come back and ask for specific lessons for what interests you.

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Welcome to Guitar Noise! We look forward to seeing you around the forums! :D

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Hopefully you have found your way to the GN lessons, but if not:
Absolute beginner lessons
Easy songs for beginners.
Beginner's FAQ
the most popular beginner's lessons

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