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Hi, my partner has a black Fender Stratocaster and is a huge David Gilmour fan, so for his upcoming birthday I wanted to get him a custom Gilmour replica strap as a surprise. However the site I am looking at asks "Do you use stap locks" , I am a non guitar playing girl so I have no idea what that is or what it does other than taking a guess that its for locking the strap. So my questions to all you lovely helpful people are........ do I say yes or no? are they essential? what are the pros/cons.
thank you in advance x

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Straplocks are special devices that consist of two parts that easily fit together to lock your strap to your guitar so that they cannot accidentally come apart . One piece attaches to the strap and the other replaces the the strap buttons on the guitar . A button on the strap piece can be pressed to release the lock and separate the strap and guitar . They are typically under $20 and come in chrome or gold plated options . It is cheap insurance against a fairly common occurrence , that being the horrible , sudden detachment of your precious guitar from the strap . They even guarantee them against failure for a large sum of money . I buy them for all my guitars .

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