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Help finding a specific arrangement of a song...

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Apparently my Google-fu is still weak. I'm trying to find the music for "The World I Know" with BOTH the guitar piece and cello. My wife plays (played I guess, she hasn't really played in quite a while) cello and I thought it would make a great project for the two of us AND it's a beautiful song besides... Any help you guys can provide would be appreciated: links to sheet music sites etc...

PS- I searched Amazon and found a few of their books, but I want to make sure that it will show both the guitar AND cello parts before I plunk down my $15 (kinda cheap of me I guess)

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I have a strong feeling that finding an arrangement for guitar AND cello would be near impossible. not to me, but a cello and guitar is not a typical combo found on written music. you may have to create your own arrangement.