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Help with choosing bass

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Hi all
I need some help with choosing an appropriate instrument please

I want to play in the following two styles. Have been googling and youtubing for hints and tips but don't know enough to make decisions from that

Firstly this type of music from 40 secs in

I don't know what this genre is called, but I love the sound. Want to build reggae covers of songs like these and looking to find out what type of electric bass will sound similar to the upright acoustic in that track and still can be used for playing the type of bass sound in the following track too!

I am left handed

Willing to go diy custom if required but but I dont know enough to look for anything in particular

I may have got it all wrong but looks like it be a left handed fret less jazz style.... do they exist?! Is that what I should try diy?!

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I got a Yamaha bass starter pack a few years back, and did my first gigs with it last week (a musical - "Our House" - in Essex).

Like anything else, don't spend a shedload of money on the first one.

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This is my first post here on this forum. Why would a beginner answer a question like this for his first post instead of asking something like "how do you use a capo?" or "is this 100W full stack a good first amp?"

I'm a bass player. Been playing the upright bass ("contrabass viol" is actually the accurate term for the instrument) on-and-off for 20 years. Played some bass guitar in high school and college, haven't really touched it all that much since. I'm hoping to change that latter fact pretty soon...

To answer your question-- if you want that really round, "dub" type sound that you hear in reggae and motown, all you really need is a basic bass. A Squier Precision or Jazz bass will do, but I would encourage you to shop around for used instruments-- occasionally, you can find something pretty unique for a great price, and it's already broken-in. Generally anything fitting the Fender template should work for you, and you're practically guaranteed to find a lefty model, just not in as many finishes.

The real key for that old-school, round sound is the strings. You want to use flatwound strings. Most bass strings in the golden age of rock were flatwounds, and probably would have been so for much longer, were it not for a certain string company getting the endorsement of a bass player from a certain band called "The Who".

The next step is getting an amp with decent tone shaping. You will want a modest boost in the lower midrange. Don't boost the Bass too much, since that will just add a lot of flab and vibration-- keep it flat, or boost it only slightly.