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Hi, could do with s...
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Hi, could do with some help please.

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Hello all.

Ok so ive only been practicing for about 5 weeks. Here is what I have practiced so far so please bare with me.

Chords pretty much memorised A C D E F G am bm cm dm em fm gm a7 b7 c7 d7 e7 g7 am7 bm7 dm7 em7 fm7 gm7

A minor pentatonic scale the 5th 8th and 7th stretch / version only ( just to learn finger and stretch movement)

a couple of very basic riffs and practicing hotel California to practice chord changes.

practicing to read standard notation on the guitarnoise page and up to lesson 10.

I would just like to mention im not claiming to be able to play the chords cleanly and also although im at lesson 10 in notation exercises I did not master the former exercises but felt i new sufficient information / got the point enough to move along.

Ok so i suppose my question is does this sound like good practice or am i just going all over the place?

In my mind i think that i dont need to master things before moving on because if i spent all the time mastering each chord for example i wouldnt know even half as many by now. would any of you agree?

I think im just a bit disheartened because i broke a string(long story) so had them changed to medium but the ones before must of been much lighter so im struggling to play chords cleanly again because these feel much thicker but i dont want to go to light strings because i think to my self well im sure ill get used to it and feel like a failure if i did that!

Ok sorry for ramble! I suppose what i really want is.... :| moral support anyone????

( im playing acoustic with steel strings)

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Your perfectly fine on what your doing... you just have to make adjustments on how you practice coz on what I have read on your post you really want to learn.

To progress efficiently

First make a regimen or schedule on how you practice like for example monday will be your G major and its relative minor Em day practice the scale, then try using this G major scale and Em scale on a song that the key of the song is G major. Do the same with every chords on a different day.

Use a backtracking or a metronome, this is important on building precision fretting, speed and accuracy

Don't over practice... at least practice 2 to 3 hrs a day max, rest, eat, sleep and do something else that you like other than playing the guitar.. this helps so your not going to burn up like what you are experiencing right now.

Go and play with other guitar players; beginner or intermediate even a pro... if you know you can get some ideas from them and you can see how you progress... its much fun learning with a company

When learning a song, add something to it, like your own rif or a different style of rhythm attack to it.

Hope this helps...

If you have time try this...It's not much of a lesson like the others teach....but this help me when i was first starting on learning guitar scale... I used the Do Re Mi... and that suddenly made me familiar with the notes of the scale:

Here are website too that give free lessons: You can also find some great free lessons here at as well.