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How old were you when you started playing guitar?

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I am curious as to how old or young everyone was when they started to learn guitar. I started when I was 15 on an acoustic but never got further than a few open chords before I gave it up. I did not get back into it until I was almost 28 ( been playing for 4 months now). All I can think of is how much further along I would be, had I not given up on it when I was 15. I guess my patience (and the access to a great site like guitarnoise) are the reasons for my new found vigor. For what ever reason I think the timing in your life that you chose to learn a new hobby (such as guitar) are very important as to weather you stick to it or not. Or mayby i,m just jealous of all the 14 year olds that have a 14 year head start on me(lol). Thoughts?

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somewhere between 6 and 8 .. not really absolutely certain.

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15 the first time 34 the 2n'd 8)

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I began the first time at 13. Played for 10-11 years. Put it away for more than 20 years. Started again at 46 (almost 5 years ago).

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First picked it up around age 17 - played for a couple of years, made some progress but not that much. Didn't pick it up again till age 40 - still working at it.

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Like rocker, except older. 16 first time, for a short time. Started back again at 41.

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47 and havin' a ball

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I started at 13 before things fell apart for me. Then I tried again at 18 to 20. And now I started again at age 25. Been going strong on and off since, but haven't given up.

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42 (just started a couple months ago)

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All I can think of is how much further along I would be, had I not given up on it when I was 15.

Try not to do that, it'll only discourage you. Try to focus on how much further behind you'd be if you started only yesterday instead.

I started at 15 for about a month (if I'm generous), then lost interest. I got interested again after watching the SARSstock highlights on TV (I'm still not really an AC/DC fan, but Angus looked like he was having so much fun up there), and tried to learn on an old acoustic we had. It was nearly impossible to play because the neck was warped out of shape, and I didn't get too far with it. For my birthday the next year, we rented an electric for two months, and I practiced somewhat diligently, but once it went back, that was it for the next four months. After having saved up for a bit, I bought an electric guitar in summer 2004 at 16. I didn't have an amp, and didn't practice nearly as much as I could have (even after I saw Rush in Toronto the next month). Finally, by November, I started practicing daily. There were still times where I went for up to three weeks without playing, but they didn't happen too often. I'm 19 now, still at it and still frusterated that I can't play Crazy Train. Yet.

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I first picked up a guitar when I was 8, and got serious about it when I was 13. That was 37 years ago and I've never been without a guitar since.

I've got a decent start on learning how to play. There;s more to learn every day though :D

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That was just under 2 months ago.


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Twelve, thirty five years ago! :shock:

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