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How old were you when you started playing guitar?

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Started when I was 18 on a horrible cheap acoustic I bought from my buddy for $10. The action was so high that it made my fingers bleed. But I was determined and never put it down, played almost every single day now for 34 years.

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I think it's great so many people starting later in life. I bet everyone had a different reason for not starting sooner too. My brother (11 years older than me) played and I wanted to learn when I was like 10 years old. He told me it was to hard and I couldn't do it. :x I decided to teach myself when I was 16 and guess who can shred his a#* now? :P I'm glad I didn't listen to him.

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Started playing classical at 8 years old, stopped at 12 years old. Starting again now at 36 years old.

I was a tiny kid, but I've got a photo of myself playing a big Yamaha 12 string at church. That's one of my tools for inspiration.


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I started about 15 months ago at the age of 38.

I've owned a guitar for longer than that. I tried teaching myself in about 2002 but never really got going properly. Gave up after about a month so I don't really count that. Too many other commitments at the time and not enough hours in the day.


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I had been thinking about it for about a year. Turned 50 in December and decided that I wasn't getting any younger. In five years I'll still be 55 - but will I have been playing for 5 years or will I wish I had started 5 years ago?
Seems like an easy answer to me.

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I started January of '05 with a serious effort.

Haven't stopped yet. :D


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Started August '05, I was 43 learning open chords, strumming, GuitarNoise lessons, etc. November '06 I started taking classical lessons with a real live instructor.


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I started 2 years ago at the tender age of 33! For the first year or so I did not learn almost anything expect for a few open chords, then I finally discovered the secrets of rhythm and now, also thanks to some excellent tips I learnt in this forum, I feel i'm really progressing. I'm finally learning some hard rock songs (only rhythm guitar of course), and can learn to play decent versions of most of rock songs I listen to, of course the path is sooo long. I'd be satisfied If I'll ever learn to play some Iron Maiden fast songs (I still cannot play their 180 bpm triplets or sixteen notes rhythms). If I won't be able to do it, I start a cover band of Creedence Clearwater and Rolling Stones songs!

In any case to decide to learn guitar is one the best thing I've ever done in my life

cheers to everyone expecially to the 30-plus years old like me and to the always kind and generous teacher Wes Iman.


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I didn't start playing till I was 21 :) I had ALWAYS wanted too but was stupidly enough afraid that people would make fun of me. I guess I have some sort of complex, haha :)

8-10 Hours of Live Instruction + 450 hours of pre recorded lessons.

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Technically I've started 3 times. Once at 10. I hated playing Twinkle Twinkle little star and such, I wanted to play rock and roll after all I had been listening to my dad's four tracks and was really into the 60's stuff, so I gave up after 3 months.
My next stint was around 16, but then something happened I discovered New Wave( Yeah I know it was different and nobody I knew listened to it and don't we all just want to be different?) Not much guitar playing in New Wave mostly keyboards so I shelved my axe and bought a sampling keyboard. Never really got good with it but it worked wonders on my ear training.
Fast forward several years to 34. We had bought my wife a Fender acoustic to play with and when she wasn't around I played as much as I could. After about a year it was evident we needed another guitar so I bought an Art & Lutherie Wild Cherry cutaway in green. I haven't looked back. It's still my favorite way to unwind, beats a Soduku puzzle any day!!!!

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It seems like 25-35 is the black hole for guitarists!! Us young guns mustn't lose the faith!!

I started at age 19 while I was overseas. That was about 15 months ago. I'm 20 now and still have quite a ways to go. Keep the faith! Cheers.


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everytime i start playing i feel older...


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I started two years ago at age 34. Lovin' every minute of it (isn't that a Loverboy song?).


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I started when my father bought a Harmony archtop and a Gretch practive amp and went to take lessons. they started him on one of those beginer books... you know.. Twinkle Twinkle and Go tell aunt Roadie... lasted about a month and the guitar went in the closet
couple a years later( i was 14) i dug it out.
first thing i realized it irritated my mom.... then i found out the girls liked it... BEEN HOOKED EVER SINCE.
now i'm 51 and never been in a band,never learned my neck,or to read tab or music.. i know...sad isn't i
Up side is i have my own style. Just bought a 000CXE and i'm jazzed to fill in the blanks in my knowlege. it's a pleasure to ge able to join in with you all.t.

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