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How to avoid bad habits without a teacher

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I've was taking lessons from a teacher for about a year, but my work schedule put the kabosh on my practice time. I wasn't able to put the effort into the practice, and it wasn't fair to me or the teacher to keep meeting and, basically, wasting time and money; so I had to regretfully take a break from lessons. My options are now try to teach my self when the time presents itself or don't play. Obviously, not playing is not an option. My question is how do I keep from entrenching bad habits (bad posture, etc) without someone checking me regularly? I don't want to stop playing but I also don't want to get into bad habits that will take a long time to break and could (possibly) cause injuries down the road. My teacher didn't really teach proper posture and kinesthetics, but if I was doing something incorrectly, he'd usually point it out. Any thoughts?

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If you have a video cam you record yourself playing and review it to see what your posture is like. You could also post the video in the Hear Here section for feedback. Jamie Andres has some useful information on how to approach practice including posture, relaxation, etc. Her website is

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