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how to best anchor hand for picking?

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i keep losing my place while trying to pick some riffs on the guitar, unfortunately i'm not sure of the best way to anchor my hand on the guitar to steady myself. should i anchor my hand on the bridge? that's what i want to do but i'm not sure if that's cheating

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Hey Prince...

I usually anchor my hand just infront of the bridge. Close enough that I can use the 'knife' edge of my hand to mute the strings when I want to.

I'm sure some here will say you shouldn't anchor at all, but it works for me.


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You shouldn't anchor at all.


Kidding, but really, I don't recommend it. I mean, if it works for you, great. But it may end up limiting you. Your hand should hover right above the strings. Losing your place is something that will happen less and less often as you start to feel the exact difference between the strings.

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I don't know how others play, but I always rest the side of my hand gently on the bridge. But it is not fixed whatsoever, I kinda bounce up and down as I strum. But it helps me keep my hand very close to the strings, which is important for control.

If I am playing on the treble strings (G, B, and E) I will often rest the side of my hand on the bass strings. You aren't playing them, so it is not a problem and gives better control.

And if I am tremelo picking I will often anchor my pinky on the pickguard to keep my picking hand at the same height above the strings at all times. I learned this technique from a Michael Angelo Batio video years ago, this is what he teaches.

But I can't pick like him, not even close. :D

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some people anchor their pinky below the 1st string (the high E). Some people "float" which means no anchor at all. Many pro's do either or. Do what feels natural. John Frusciante (RHCP) anchors his pinky, which makes me feel good about anchoring mine.

Thanks Dudes!
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I'm a pinky anchorer, but I've been told its not good technique. But whatever, it works for me and thats what counts. Find what works best for YOU.

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I'd say anchoring is bad technique but I do it anyway. I rest my pinky on the fretboard also touching the middle of the bridge humbucker pickup. Weird, but it works.

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I found my anchor point by accident - a while back, I had an electric that buzzed like a swarm of bees unless one of my hands was touching either the strings or some metal part of the guitar. I found that by resting the side of my right hand on the bridge, there wasn't a god-awful squawk every time I changed chords, plus, as a bonus, I learned how to palm-mute.....

So now, if I'm playing electric, my hand tends to be resting on the bridge. It's more relaxed there, and like Wes said, any way you can save wear and tear - or stress - on your hands is good!

:D :D :D


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