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How to make a solo

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Ok well i'm pretty sure being on a guitar site this question has been asked many times but does anyone have any steps or tips for making a solo? I can cover a solo pretty good but i just can't make one.

Thanks for the help

Also this was the last solo that i learned which was about 2 months ago before this audition i had at my local music store
(NOTE: this is not me playing the guitar, and my version is alittle different)

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3 things ... scales scales and umm ... oh yeah ... scales.

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If you can cover solos, then you're half the way there. Because you can cover them means that you can play them. Now, you just need to use your imagination to make your own style. As mentioned, you will need to know the scale in which key your are soloing in. If you have only covered your solos by ear and don't know the scale or key you are in, then by all means you will need to learn that first.

There are patterns that you can use for different keys all over the fretboard. Once you know some of these patterns, you can just move the patterns around to play in different keys. Without going further I don't want to insult you by assuming that you don't know your scales or patterns yet - do you know these already?

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One really great thing is a pentatonic scale. And you can find in this blog some things about this scale and other solo making stuff.

Sry for my english, i'm still learning. Nobody's perfect :P (and i'm nobody :D )
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Have a look at this page on GN there's a wealth of excellent, helpful lessons on creating your own solos:

sorry, I couldn't get the link to work, but look up soloing on the sites search engine and you'll get it :)

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Your link works fine! A helpful moderator at work, I suspect. :wink:


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