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i need help !!!! st...
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i need help !!!! stringing my new guitar

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i have a new electric first act guitar and theres a little brass peice on the end of the strings and i dont understand how to restring it how do i do it please help

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I guess the first thing we need to establish is: which kind of bridge does your guitar have?

First Act has a uses a couple of different types.

This one

or this one

Now the "brass piece", I assume you are talking about the "ball end" of the string

If you have the first type of bridge, the string threads thru the tailpiece and the ball end stays in the hole in the tailpiece.

If you have the second type, the string threads thru the bridge from the back of the guitar (there should be 1 hole for each string) and the ball end stays inside the hole.

I would recommend looking up a few "how to string a guitar" videos on youtube before you start. It's not a very hard thing to do, but there are a few tricks to doing a good job. (you won't destroy your guitar if you do it wrong, it'll just make your guitar harder to play).

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I have a gibson sg junior model and I went to change the strings the other day..didn't move anything and my strings are touch both my fret board and pick ups now and I cannot for the life of me figure out what's going on..I have tried both raising and lowering the tailpiece as well as raising and lowering the bridge and they still are touching and rendered my guitsr unplayable..anyone have any thoughts? I bought some Erie ball original slinky thing I have noticed is that the ball end of the strings don't sit flush or even fit in the grooves of the tail piece, could this be why? Do didn't string brands have different ball end sizes? Any help would be much appreciated. I can provide some pictures if it would help