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I need help with th...
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I need help with this song. "I Could" by Kimberly

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Hello everying,

I doubt this song is all too popular. The lack of tabs, of any sort, suggests that I'm right.

"I Could" by Kimberly Locke

Why? do you ask. Beause a girl came up to me after I played a small gig for some people around school and asked if I could play for her while she sings the next time around. She finnaly contacted me with the song she wants to sing... and well there it is; because a girl asked me to seems to be my answer!

Hope someone has even heard it before. You might know her much more well known song "8th world wonder".


"Now people put you down for the way that you lived
But those people never knew you the way that I did
Don't be ashamed of who you were of how you died
I know you just wanted to find the brighter side..." - OPM

- Matthew