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I think my neck is ...
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I think my neck is twisted...

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Been using my modded Aria STG003 recently. When, for instance, playing the 5th fret on a particular string, if I played the higher octave on the 17th fret of the same string, it sounds out of tune. I only notice this on the G, B and higher E strings. How can I correct this, or will it need some professional repair?

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Get a yardstick, or a similar straight edge, and see if you can identify what's bent.

When you say twisted, do you mean like a corkscrew (only more subtle) or bent sideways, or bent towards (or away from) the strings?

each is a different issue, and a different solution.

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You say it's been modded - my first question would be what did you do to it?

Second question: compared to the 5th fret, do the 17th fret notes sound sharp or flat? Or do they just sound "off"? (You might want to use a tuner to determine this, unless your ears are really good)

Third question: does the 12th fret harmonic match the 12th fret fretted note? If not, which one sounds higher - the harmonic or the fretted note?

Q4: How old are your strings?

I'm not ruling out a twist in the neck, but without seeing it, I think there are other causes that are far more likely. Maybe we can narrow this down somewhat... some of the possible causes have simple solutions.

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Maybe you need to see a chiropractor? :P

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Get a pro to look at it...but it might be too costly to fix. I had one like that: neck comes off, fret bars removed, neck remilled, new fret bars, reset back into the body. Not cheap, but that'll fix it! It's a matter of weighing the cost versus the result...and what the axe is worth.


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Hold the guitar by the lower bout and look down the length of the neck, it should look like train tracks. If one side is higher than the other or you see a twist, it's twisted, pull it off and order a new neck - a cheap o will do. Other wise it needs the intonation set. Look it up online and do it, you'll need a tuner and a hex key and maybe a screw driver or at least a cold beer.

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Maybe you need to see a chiropractor? :P

I thought the same when I saw the title....and yet then I almost forgot that this is not facebook...;)