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i wanna play like k...
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i wanna play like kirk hammett

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i can pull of some metallica lead parts but its the mega fast ones i have problems with and not just metallica other leads for other bands too and no matter how many times i play it slow to learn it...i still can't sound like kirk hammett i was wondering if its hopeless or if there is a trick....i think a part of my problems is that i can hammeron superbly but my pull offs are weak...super weak and sometimes i can get my fingers moving pretty fast but i still need to be able to execute them pull offs
any soloing tips out there on how i can sound like kirk hammett?
much appreciation..peace

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Yeah, there is a trick. It';s called practice. You seem to have noticed your pull-offs are weak. What do you expect us to tell you besides practicing them more untilyou can do it?

Welkom to GN by the way! :D

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SLOW down the fast licks with a metronome. I did that just practicing a scale, and in 20 minutes, after speeding up slowly the results were incredible!!! Good luck.

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Why do you want to sound like Kirk Hammett? Why don't you want to sound like you?


A :-)

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well if i sound like me playing metallica that wouldn't sound like metallica
but i just bought the guitar grimoire scales and this book is pretty sweet its already improved my speed far as the pull offs go
well no crap i need practice i was just wondering if anybody had any pointers
by the way thanks for the advice geek in the pink