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I'm a fairly new gu...
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I'm a fairly new guitar player, would this guitar be good for me?

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Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help I'm a new guitar player over only been playing for about a month or so, my friend gave me his old guitar to start with but I was looking at this guitar here (link below) I will wondering if this would be a good guitar for me, want something yeah is good for beginners but will also last me while, would this be a good choice, thank you in advance.

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Epiphone are part of Gibson and their Les Paul guitars will serve you well for years - I have one

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If he gave you the guitar then take it. That's actually on my list for the best beginner guitars so that is a great choice for a guitar. If you have to pay for it then that's a different story. It's still a good guitar but IDK if you should pay that much that soon

Best Electric Guitars for Beginners

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Just to add...

How well one learns to play, and sticks with playing, can depend on how well the guitar "fits."

Les Paul guitars tend to have "fatter" necks than some guitars, like Stratocasters and Telecasters. The Les Paul is a favorite of many rockers due to the humbucking pickups and the fatter neck (allowing for more power chording and shredding), but if you have small hands, or want that single-coil sound, you might want to consider a guitar with a thinner neck.

Personally, my order of precedence for considering an electric guitar are:

  • Neck width and shape
  • Fretboard material (I like maple and ebony)
  • Pickup type and number
  • body weight (playing a long set can be tiring with a heavy guitar
  • There are other considerations, too. But they are less crucial, such as tuning gears, pickguard type and shape, etc. Way down the list is price...

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    For a beginner guitar players ... It is very important and a must that on their first guitar... it's already a good experience on buying and making that first right decision...

    The things you should consider to jump start your guitar playing

    What genre of music you like and what type of guitar player you want to be, is it Rock, Pop, Alternative, Metal, Heavy, Metal, Blues, Jazz etc. this is important on choosing because of the tonal sound the guitar will produce.

    If you like Rock, Pop, Alternative, Blues, Jazz and that southern twang in it... Squier by Fender Stratocaster is the best guitar for you... why.. Coz this type of guitar uses a single coil pick ups... that produces this tonal sound, brighter and used by many known artist for this kind of music.

    If your into Rock, Hard Rock, Metal, Heavy Metal, Blues .... An Epiphone Les Paul is the perfect choice... This now uses humbucker pick ups that produces a much fatter crunchier sound that is great for this type of music.

    Budget: Don't over spend on your first guitar and accessories.... To be honest, Not all who bought a guitar actually end up playing. Maybe its just hype, then they realized that they are not really serious in playing or found something else to do that they are more passionate about.

    In case this happens, still buying a guitar is not a waste of money as long your on a right budget for your first guitar, you still have a nice decor around the house and you can still play once in a while even thou your not that serious.

    I would highly recommend that you first buy a Guitar Package... If you can sparejust 10 mins of your time here's a good read about guitar packages... and how to choose.

    How to choose your first guitar:

    Guitar Packages that you might wanna look at and compare:

    Where really here to help: here are added guitar lesson and take time checking it all out:

    Free Online backtracking and Metronome:

    Hope this helps... Practice and most important of all Enjoy playing the guitar!

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    I love epi. this model is very comfortable
    If you like LP, try this one