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Can anyone recommend a really good instruction book/DVD combo for learning guitar? I am using a book/CD right now, and find it helpful, but think I would benefit even more by being able to actually see what the instructor is doing. I want one that goes from beginning through intermediate level at least, giving me a lot of room to grow and a lot to work on.

Also, I really like the way David Hodge constructs his walk-throughs of songs for beginners. I learn a good bit reading his instructions and going through the how-to's of different songs. Are there are other places online that give you this sort of lesson on how to play a song, rather than just giving you a tab or chords and leaving you to figure them out for yourself. I know I will eventually have to figure some for myself, but until I get a bit more experience, having more lessons like Mr. Hodge's would be great.

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I bought Jamie Andreas' "The correct way of guitar practice".
It is a bit on the pricey side but presents a wealth of information on
the correct techinque one should aspire to have. It, however, doesn't
tell you what to practice. For that i would recommend Hal Leonard's beginner series.


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Hal Leonard's Guitar Method absolutely! I bought it with the DVD and a CD comes inside as well. It is very easy to follow and the DVD is helpful as a visual guide. The best part is the CD that comes with the book as you can play along with it to practice timing, etc. I don't think you can go wrong with it! I bought the first book/DVD combo at a local music store for around $20 USD.

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I have never seen another lesson online that compares to David's. There are lots of sites with short lessons on isolated topics, or scales, riffs, practice ideas etc, but I've never found anything that analyzes a particular song with so much useful insight, or articles that are so good. :D :D :D (Thanks, Dave!)