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Just a little more progress

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Been playing for less than two years and I keep making a breakthrough - I post these in case it helps anyone else who thinks progress is slow (it is for me - at least it seems that way)

This weekend for the first time my strumming hand felt completely free - that is I felt I could just let it go and handle the rhythm on its own - a most strange feeling. Gave me time to try out all kinds of interesting varioations on the strumming theme - a little of-beat strum here, a mutted strum there - very enjoyable.

I guess it starts when you know the chords you are playing and can switch from chord to chord without thinking, then the strum hand has more freedom.

This has to be put in contect - it wasn't a Pete Townsend windmill of a strum you understand - just a different feeling of more freedom while playing.

Another minor change is that when I play little riffs that include a hammer-on, where before it was difficult to hammer on, now I find it more difficult to pick the string - the hammer on has become so natural - and so much easier.

Slow but fun progress.

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Nice one, this is the sort of thing learners need to read mate. Its good to give a written description of how you are getting on.

I hit the same stage as you about a year ago and I remember the feeling well. Certainly the feeling that rhythm came naturally to my strumming hand was a big boost in my playing.

Well described - I enjoyed reading about your progress. Keep it up!

All the best