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I want to learn some lead what book would you say is a good book to learn from?
Thanks and God Bless :D :D :D

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thats the book i use.
it's pretty comprehensive, comes with a cd and contains a few good appendixes.
mainly geared towards blues rock leads, if you were looking for something like jazz lead guitar might not be the best thing.

but a great introduction to lead guitar in general.

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In addition to books, it is also good to learn solos by ear. Pick songs with very slow simple lead guitar like Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton. Something your ear can easily follow. Books will teach you scales, tricks, and theory, but your ear is actually the most important thing when playing lead. So get good books for sure, but always spend a little time copying good easy solos, or trying to create your own licks.

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Yeah, I agree with Wes - one of the best books I used was a Guitarist magazine Blues Special with a cd of backing tracks. TBH, I only ever learned one of the tunes note-for-note out of the book, and that was for a music performance exam. But the backing tracks gave me an hour's worth of interesting and varied music to jam over. Its sat next to my computer/stereo ever since I got it years ago.

Experimenting on your own and stuff and transcribing by ear are the two most fundamental aspects to playing good lead. If tackling entire solos seems too daunting, you can always try working out riffs ike Led Zep's Heartbreaker main riff.

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