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learn the fretboard?

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Hey guys I was thinking of learning the fretboard but I dont know in what kind of way to learn it. I want to learn the fretboard so I know what notes I play. How did you learn the fretboard?

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fretboard warriors pretty cool

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good idea. there are a lot of on line fretboard/chord sites. very cool stuff.
I found to have a passive learning approach. when I drew six horizontal lines on paper and marked off 12 frets
I realized that this was active learning. there is a difference. take your choice.

so grab some paper and draw those lines and frets.
mark on the left margin by each string low to high EADGBE
then where each fret crosses a string mark the new note.

sharps and flats are in between the notes I typed.

it seems like a lot to do but it sinks in.

next thing. think about triads. the three notes that make a basic chord.
look where they are on the drawing. that helps you understand shapes.

anyway. I did this when I got into open tuning on my steel guitars. I was lost until I knew where those notes were.
having a slip of paper helped for awhile.
especially, cause I had to gig right off. a cheat sheet really was a blessing.

my fortyfour cents.

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The way that worked best for me, as a blues player was to learn the notes on the pentatonic scale, one key at a time. This allowed me to really put my knowledge to use right when I learned it ,very practical in my opinion.

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taso's way is a great way, also for each chord you learn, learn the notes that make up that chord 8)

even god loves rock-n-roll

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check out this thread that I started a little while ago about the same topic. There is a great video there and practice it a few times and you know bro.(thanks Bally)

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Learn the first four frets first then add to that

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+1 for Fretboard Warrior. It is sort of like a game, and after playing it 15 minutes a day for a week or so, you will know the fretboard.

There are lots of ways to do it and they all work, IF you take the time to study/learn. I know, it does suck, but once you know it, you move ahead much faster.