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Learner Guitar for small children

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I am planning to buy my daughter a guitar to play around and start learning. Because she's quite small (5) so I was looking at ukulele. But then I saw this "guilele" thing, which is basically a 6-string ukulele.

Do you think it's a good idea to have her start with this guilele or shall I just let her play with ukulele and then get her a 3/4 when she's big enough?


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I teach guitar for the local School Music Service - 80 students aged 11 and under.

I'd get her a 3/4 size now. Once you get her into lessons then the first 15 or so will be all on the treble strings anyway. My students go as young as 6, and they all use 3/4 size.

Recommended books: The Guitarist's Way series, by Peter Nuttall and John Whitworth. It's designed for young students. My students do the first two books, then their LCM Step 1 exam. Book 1 brings in the bass strings towards the end but only open bass strings underneath a melody.

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Ditto. Get the 3/4 size. -I picked up, and rebuilt a little 1/2 size nylon string guitar for my kids, and it was really just too small, even at 5-6 years old. The 3/4 fits my 7 and 11 year old perfect, and the 7 year old could handle it fine at 5. Frankly the 7 year old does good on my resonator... better then the 11 year old... just goes to show that there is more then just size, when it comes to fitting a guitar to the player.

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Hello, yes it's good idea.
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3/4 guitar is the way to go

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