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Hi folks,
I know this is a very hypothetical question, but I was wondering what is the average progression rate of a beginning student of the guitar? In other words, where should someone be at the end of one month, six months and one year? I know that people progress at different rates, but I am just curious as to "about" where I should be at these time frames. Any thoughts/opinions welcome. Thanks.

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Impossible to tell. There are a thousand different 'basic' aspects you'll have to learn and you can't learn them all at once. Some start with open chords, other with playing simple melodies. After a year you might bet getting the hang of playing simple blues solo's or you might be fingerpicking self-composed chord-progressions. One will play faster while one will read music faster. One is practicing Latin-rhytmes while someone else is learning all about chord voicings. Also, when you encounter someone who has been playing for about the same time and seems better, don't worry too much. It's not a competition, and besides you only see what they can play, not what they can't.

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Arjen said it all. It all depends on what you practice.