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Learning the Fretboard?

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My favorite site for learning both the Fret Board and also notes on the staff is,

It has trainers for notes, intervals, key signitures... the works.

Nice lessons too.


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Thanks for the tip about Fretboard Warrior. I found it to be a really neat tool. Now I have it up on my laptop when I practice. Whenever I need to give my fingers a short break I go and do the 2 minute drill. I set a goal to get 30 notes right and none wrong in the 2 minutes. Well, I finally reached that goal the other night, after about 4 practice sessions of playing with it. Now I realize that 30 notes in 2 minutes only works out to one every 4 seconds, which really seems to me to be a long time. So I'm going to gradually increase the goal and hopefully get to 60, which would be one every 2 seconds. It does take a little time to find and click on the note and for the program to change notes after an answer, so the goal would be for my brain not to be the bottleneck- to be able to say the note instantly and then all the time it takes is to click.

I'll get there eventually.

Thanks again.



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Warrior and Music Theory are both good fretboard tools.

I went for Absolute Fretboard because they have reversable fretboards for lefties.

They are all great and do help a lot whatever one you use. 8)

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Learning the notes isn't that big of a deal but being able to find the note in the middle of a fast solo is a different story and that's where you really need to get to.

But I think in the end you need to know or regognize the intervals and how they sound.

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