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Learning the scales

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I'm starting to teach myself the major scale and the minor pentatonic scale, do you guys have any tips? And I read that after both scales up and down backwards and forwards would I move on to chord progression?

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Kind of. That's a tough question to have the *right* answer to, but you should definitely learn the relation between scales and chord progressions. Start by understanding the I VI V progression. I think you'll dig it, check out this video.

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I am currently learning too :)

I am working through a few of the free videos here

My problem comes when I start playing a little faster, these big fingers get right in the way haha! If anyone has some good tips on how to learn to play faster that would be awesome!

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You're trying to speed up too quickly. Slow it right down and don't start trying to speed up until you can play them in your sleep.

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