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Left hand position

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I tried searching and couldn't find anything quite like what I'm experiencing so here goes...
I keep running into certain chords that seem to draw the first joint (nearest the palm) of my pinkie finger into contact with the high e string, the g chord seems to be especially troublesome for this.
I'm literally JUST beginning (had the thing 2 days now) and I want to nip any bad habits in the bud early.
PS- if it helps I try and hold the guitar in a 'classic' position, about 20degrees elevated from my left leg... sorry I don't have anyone to take a picture of me so you can get a clearer picture of what I mean by this.
If you can decipher this jumble :mrgreen: and have any input I'd greatly appreciate it!

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As a guess, I'd suggest that it is down to being a beginner. One thing that you need to do is see where you're putting your fingers, which usually results in you twisting the guitar upwards - and away from your hand, causing fingers to be pulled down onto the fretboard.

At this stage, it's not a bad habit, it's a help. When you get a bit more comfortable with finger placement, you should try sitting in front of a large mirror and using the reflection to show you where your fingers should go. It will allow you to hold the guitar properly and give your fingers room to fret the chords without touching adjacent strings.

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No worries. This is the most common problem when you first learn guitar. Just make sure that you have your fingers curled over the fret board and are playing on the very tips of your fingers. Not where your finger prints are taken... On the very tips. This will help you to naturally have your wrist tucked underneath the neck and keep your fingers from muting the strings. Nate Savage does a pretty good job of explaining how in the second learn guitar chords video here. :mrgreen:

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