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Looking for a beginner lesson DVD

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Hey all, I finally put the guitar down, long enough to ask this question. I am looking for a DVD, beginner and intermediate lessons with alot of modern and classic rock music. I have found, so far, It sounds like what I am looking for except it looks like it is lacking enough of the music I am looking for. Any suggestions?

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P.S. Been playing for 8 days straight, soaking the finger tips in alcohol, and the calouses are just as tough as the were 20 years ago!!! YE HA! :D

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try this link. I got it and it's great. lots of exercises and the book has all the tab for the lessons on the dvd. I've learned alot from it.

I don't understand, I got the guitar, and the beer, the commercial said I'd be a rock star by now...

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