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Looking for help with Jim Croce

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Hello. Just looking for some kind of tabs or any help with "Operator" by Jim Croce. The song is great and i can't seem to get anything to sound right. Another one i've been looking for help with is "Wondering where the lions are." Any help would be much appreciated!

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I would think the Croce tabs would be fairly common out there.

As for Cockburn, not sure what level you are at but most everything he does is fingerpicked, though I suppose you could strum it out.

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The big thing to remember about Jim Croce is that his recordings also include the phenomenal guitar work of Maury Meuhleisen and the distinct sound of the song is usually the very tasy interplay between the two guitarists. There are, or were (because I don't know which are still in print) a number of books which faithfully transcribe both guitar parts (as well as the occasional third and fourth parts for lead work). A good one is Hal Leonard's The Very Best of Jim Croce. Be sure it's part of their "Recorded Versions Guitar" series, though...

Thing is, most people don't carry around a second guitar player. So then it becomes a matter of arranging things so that you can play a good version that includes the parts of both guitar parts that you want to hear. In Operator, Croce's part is primarily first position chords played (for the most part) in arpeggios with straight eighth notes with the occasional walking bass line (especially when the chords change from C to G). Meuhleisen plays (again, for the most part) double-note harmony lines mostly between the seventh and twelfth frets, primarily playing on the first four strings. So it will be understandably difficult to come up with something that doesn't favor one guitar more than the other. For the single guitarist, it's usually a good move to focus more on Croce's guitar part.

If you want, PM me and I'll see about getting you a copy of what I've got.

Hope this helps. Good luck!