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Looking for local help.

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Like all beginning guitarist I am have some roadblocks. I have gone to some local lessons and don't feel like the instructor is as good as a teacher as he is a guitar player. I have a lesson set up this coming weekend with a different place but I'm just looking for someone to jam with a learn some things from. Is there anyone on here in the El Paso Tx. area that is willing to take some time out of their busy schedule to help.

P.S. Sorry if it sounds like I'm begging, I don't mean it that way.

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Have you tried posting an add on craigslist ( ) or ?

Meanwhile, you should head over to the "online jams and collabo" section here.
A few weeks ago, Margaret started a newbie collabo project, which has been a major hit.
Go there and sign up for team 7. It will be a good opportunity to jam as well as inject some creativity in your playing.

Lastly, dont be disheartened! We all go through it ...


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