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'Lucky Man' by the Verve and pull offs

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Hello there I've been learning 'Lucky Man' by the Verve as my first song as I like it and have been told it's pretty easy to get to grips with.

I've pretty much got the chords down and my changes are coming along but I'm having trouble working out the strumming pattern and am having a real problem with the pull off during one of the changes. I think I know what a pull off is but I'm not totally sure and certainly can't figure it out with regards to its place in the song.

If anyone could offer any advice on the strumming or pull off I'd greatly appreciate it.

Thank you very much for your time!

(The chords to 'Lucky Man' can be found here: )

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The best help i can give you is this im afraid. click on this link and find the "download lucky man link" halfway down the right side of the page.

then search for tux guitar - a free programme easily found on google. tux guitar will open this file - and it will "play" the tab for you so you can hear exactly when the pull-offs occur and how they sound.

its a great programme i use all the time.

I actually saw richard ashcroft play this live a couple of years ago when i had just started playing the guitar - so i watched him in great detail. even then i could see he concentrated on the song rather than the guitar and everything was very simply played. im sure youll get this in no time :D

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