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Lyrics and Guitar Playing

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So, I've recently picked up the guitar and I'm loving it. I've only been able to play a few songs but have them down pat fairly well. However, I first learned them without the lyrics, so I'm ending up just playing the guitar and not learning how the song moves with the words. I'm finding it extremely hard now to go back and pair the two. Are there any suggestions as to the best way to pick up the lyrics for a song I've already learned? Any thoughts on how to properly pair the two as I learn my next song? Thanks for your help in advance!

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You are not alone. This lesson from our guv'nor should help.

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Stream lyrics videos from youtube (videos that have both song and lyrics) of songs that you want to play and try to play with it. You'll sound very bad at the beginning and may even be unaware of where your guitar is going and where the song is going. But that's how its done. With regular practice you'll start improving your sync with the song.

Another tip - start playing the song in slow tempo (you may use a metronome for this) and practice syncing with the lyrics in slow speed and then gradually increase the tempo as you become comfortable.