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Metronomes & Strumming?

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I am a little confused about using a metronome...the strumming patter I am using is D D DU would I use a 1 2 3 4 beat or a 1&2&3&4 beat? Then once I have the beat do I strum on the numbers?

I guess I should read up more on theory huh!?


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You set the metronome to 4 beats and count them as quarter notes 1+2+3+4+ etc. You would play the D's on the numbers and the U on the plusses.

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And just to add a little. Don't stop your hand movement just because you don't have to hit the strings since it should always be going up and down when strumming. It is good practice to just move your hand up and down with the metronome without even hitting the strings just to get in sync with the beats

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Thanks Guys!

I forgot I had printed out the article "Keeping Time" that was in the lessons section...I read that and it explained a lot...however I was so exhausted from my bike ride today I fell asleep while reading it!!