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Tried looking to see if anything along this line was posted already, but didn't, so please bear with me if it was.

I just started using a metronome for practice. When I practice I start out with something really slow, say 40-50 bpm, then once I get the hang of that, speed it up. How do I know when I've gotten to the right bpm? Is there a specific bpm for 4/4 or 3/4 time?

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Hmmm back to basics I think. Every song ever written is written with a specific time signature (some even mix them up - Beatles songs for instance sometimes vary between signatures). But let's say we have a specific song in 4/4 time. All that means is that there is 4 beats to the bar, 1, 2, 3, 4

However this doesn't give you the bpm of a song. All it gives you is the number of beats, not the spead of the beats.

So although a metronome IS a great practice tool, and gets you playing in time, it won't help you play specific songs unless you actually know the bpm.

Many chord books, and particularly "genuine" tab books, will give you this information at the top of the music.

Hope that makes sense!


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Makes alot of sense, and clears up ALOT. Thanks!


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oops, i thought this thread was about really short city dwellers :oops:


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Alyhough some music does give bpm specifically alot of music will have a range of speed written as allegro, adante, largo, ect..
Your metronome should have markings for these.
Other music will say things like moderate rock beat or fast swing.
Not sure of the bpm on these so I just play so it sounds good to me.
If you have a recording you can easily match your metronome to it.
Largo= 40 to 60
Larghetto = 60 to 66
Adagio = 66 to 76
Adante = 76 to 108
Moderato = 108 to 120
Allegro = 120 to 168
presto = 168 to 200
Prestissimo 200 +
These speeds are from my metronome