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Metronones SUCK !

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I purchased one for Christmas ....

The thing can't keep up with me!
So I have decided that maybe its ME and not my little clikey friend..

I have set it to 80bpms and I can steadily strum down strokes to it D D D D also DuDuDuDu even changing chords say
G D C progression to either of the patterns I can do fairly well, but when it comes to say D Du uD or any other strumming pattern where you miss a beat I lose the flow.
I know its only practice , so I'll keep at it...

I have Matt Guitars Strumming lesson that I am going to throw in the ring with the ole metronone, but I will probly get knocked out in the first round...


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Alan Green
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Irritating little gadgets, but essential if you want to know what something sounds like at full performance tempo.

A :-)

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Yeah they suck.

Or rather, they make you realise that you suck at keeping time - which in itself really sucks!!!! :wink:

Keep at it - patience is the key. And like i have said in that lesson, practice getting the rhythm WITHOUT your guitar, tap your foot, clap your hands, beat it out on a table, anything to get the rhythm into your body.

Let us know how you get on eh?



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I always said that metranomes were evil...and they still are! But since I got my drum machine it seems much more natural to use than the metranome...

Also, slow down to 60bpm (or slower) when using more complicated strumming patterns and work your way up to speed. I am also working on this now and whenever I start a new strumming pattern I slow it down and gradually speed up...

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I tend to get lost easier with drum machines, but that's probably just me. Follow Mike's advice and go real slow, sometimes (almost always) I have to start at 40bpm.

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I think Digitech Rp 50 does the job

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Metronomes do suck in a good way, but I agree with Mikespe. Drum machines suck in a much better way. Makes me feel like I am performing live. But its still either doesnt keep up with me or goes way to fast. Silly thing. A guitar GOD like myself never admits fault. :lol:


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Yeah, after you get to where you can gruv and jam with a metronome, for some reason it gets harder to find "good" drummers, heh.



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Wes Inman
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The thing can't keep up with me!

Turn it up to 240 BPM and see if it can keep up with you. :D

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So hmm i really adore the small little drumsoftware formy linux OS, it's called hydrogen and it's the best erm... rythmthing for me.

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It's a funny thing. I struggle with a metronome, but I do pretty well when I'm playing with someone else (provided they have good timing). I think it has to do with the fact that, with a metronome, you still have to keep the time between beats :D

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Another thing with metronomes is that someone they know when a difficult or more complex part of the song is coming and speed up. Back to the easier part and the damn thing slows right back down....not quite sure how that's possible? :lol:

All kiding aside it's important to have something helping keeping time for you when you're practicing (drum machine, metronome, play along w/CD, another person).