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Modifying an Ibanez...
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Modifying an Ibanez RG120

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Hello all,

I was given an Ibanez RG120 a year or two from a friend because they just didn't want it and I had plans to modify it and just haven't gotten around to it. Mostly because I feel I don't have enough information to do it considering this will be my first time modifying a guitar. I have done very simple repair work on my other guitars, like soldering and cleaning, but nothing beyond that. With this guitar I would like to...

- Replace the tuners
- Potentially replace the bridge
- Replace the pickups and basically all of the electronics.
- Make it coil tap/split
- Remove all paint and refinish the entire guitar with a satin finish

Any input, advise, or experience would be extremely helpful!


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Everything except changing the finish is a matter of buying the right stuff, following the instructions to the letter and not rushing it. I don't know how you're going to deal with the finish.

You can buy a new guitar for less money than the cost of the mods you're looking to make.

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