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Music theory

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Hi I'm from Pakistan. I already know major and minor scales. I know chords and strumming. What more should i learn?
How to determine the chords for a song and how to tab a song?

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Probably play other people's songs and learn various shapes, licks, patterns, progressions, etc., that they use to get their signature sounds. It'll help you find your own sound.

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Learn all your key signatures if you haven't already - memorize the circle of fifths. After you have that down move on to learning the modes. Always keep in the back of your mind that theory is just a set of guidelines, they are not rules set in stone & you don't always have to follow them.

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Wouldn't be a bad idea to work out a few classic solos so you can get some ideas for licks of your own. After all that is what solos are in essence - lots of licks that are cleverly strung together. Even better have a go at working it out by ear. That way you'll be building up your ability to recognise the way things sound in your head. The more you have music in your head the more you will able to express yourself with your fingers.

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