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My 83 Les Paul Stud...
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My 83 Les Paul Studio vs my Epiphone SG Special Bolt On

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I initially bought the Epi in a starters pack and have scraped everything in that but the amp and tuner basically (well obviously I kept the guitar). Anyway, it satisfied me for awhile, but I soon got the itch for a "new guitar." I ended up getting an 83 Les Paul Studio and loved it. I thought it had a much better sound and feel, low action, i was the epi gathered dust for awhile

Flash forward a bit, and I now have enough knowledge to setup my Epi. Adjusted the truss rood, lower the bridge, made a world of difference. Also, I started using an overdrive pedal instead of my Metal Zone for a good punk sound. The Epi has sorta become my project geetar, anyway...

My dilemma is im liking my Epi a lot more, which concerns me considering the money i dished out on the Gibson. To me, I think the Epi sounds more raw and alive. Also, I find it a lot easier to palm mute and chicken scratch on the Epi, where I think it doesn't sound as good to me on the Gibson. Lastly, I have a real hard time sliding on the Gibson...I think my palm is creating too much friction on the back of the neck, but why would this be a problem on the Gibson but not the Epi? Could it be the fretboard? I dunno.

I've only been playing for about 9 months or so, so I play mostly punk one theory is that since the Epi is a cheaper guitar it just sounds more punk? Could this be it?

I dunno, it's just bugging, any thoughts?

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Tough one to answer, but I'll give it a try.

First off, they should sound different. I own a SG and a LP as well, and for different things. I use the SG for metal (eg. AC/DC) and the LP for most anything else. The fact that you like one over the other for a particular genre is not surprising.

As far as the sticky neck on the LP, I think some people use a bit of powder. Not sure though.

Finally, Green Day uses LPs and they are a punk band. Perhaps they added some aftermarket pickups?

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I think it might have to do with the quality, ironically...

I noticed that the SG has more of a distorted sound with the over-drive (that is, it sorta sounds like the Boss Overdrive/Distortion pedal)
The Les on the other has more of a "clean" sounding over-drive, so it's an overdrive sound, but everything rings very clear

Considering my poor playing ability, i probably prefer the SG because the the distortion covers up a lot of my sloppiness :lol:

As for sliding, i do need to replace the strings but i still get more friction on the back of the neck than i do with my SG, still trying to figure out how to fix that

By you mean something along the lines of baby powder or something else

Also, are string lubricants a good idea?


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I kinda want to chime in and say I noticed the same thing but with an Epiphone LP Special II. I know a guy that has that $150 special pack from GC and I was over at his house messing around with it and was quite suprised by the sound. It takes effects really well it seems and just sounds kinda punk. It didn't seem very well made but because it's so cheap you just kinda abuse it and don't really care I think. We were doing all kinds of crazy string bends and dive bombs on it that I'd never try on my good guitar. We called it the "play it like you stole it" method. I think because of this mindset you aren't inhibited as much in your playing and the results are more free and charismatic. I don't know though, they might just come with really cool pickups.

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Finally, Green Day uses LPs and they are a punk band. Perhaps they added some aftermarket pickups?

I believe the LP that Billie Joe uses in Green Day is a LP Junior with the p-90 type pickup in the bridge. Leslie West from Mountain uses the same style guitar

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