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My New Girlfriend

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At the moment I don't own a Marshall, but a Les Paul into Marshall is my favorite. 43 huh? Young whipper snapper! :P Look foreward to seeing you around here.

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Thanks all for the warm welcome. As I said, once I finish paying off my gear, I'll be sure to post pics. I did play at least a dozen guitars before making my choice. I'm with you Wes, nothing wrong with the sound of a Strat. They are great guitars. Its just the tone of the LP through the Marshall really gets me. I even played several other LPs before making the choice. There was just something about the sound and feel of this one. Can't descibe it.

YES! Thank you RT..I feel much better now. My name used in the same sentence with SRV two times. Man. I'm off to a great start!

I'm really looking forward to chatting with you all. From what I've read on previous posts, you're all a great bunch.


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