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My Ultimate V guitar

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Hello everybody,

I've been playing guitar for the last 4 years, the last 2 with a Progressive Death/Thrash band from my hometown in Europe. I have an Ibanez RG321Ex, with mohogany body, 24frets, passive Infinity humbuckers and fixed bridge, with a Pod X3 Live and a two different amps (not relevant), and recently I decided that i wanted a new guitar, and that i wanted a very different guitar from the one i have. the specs i was look for are:
-24 frets
-mohogany or basswood body
-rosewood fretboard
-active pickups
-floyd rose bridge, either original or licensed
-V shaped body

Since in my band we play very different things, from acoustic, clean and melodic to dirty distorted sounds, spanning from lead to rythmic playing, i wanted a guitar that could deal with all these aspects. also, i wanted a guitar to last a lifetime, for i will not invest in a new guitar (thats why i call it the ultimate guitar). i came up with these 3 guitars and i wanted to ask which one would you choose, which one is better than the rest or with better cost-quality relation.

1 - dean razorback V

i loved Dean guitars since ever. that head stock is shear perfection and having a guitar designed by Dime...amazing. dean also has a lot of street cred, but this guitars can be hard to find (specially with the 24fret spec), are expensive and i fear it wont be cost-efficient.

2 - jackson demmelition king v/demmeltion PDX with set of active pickups

i'm really into MH, i love their sound, and i find this guitar really pretty. the original demmeltion has active pickups, but it might be too much for my budget, whereas the PDX may lack some quality and have active pickups (in this case, i would buy a set of active pickups), but the investment is lower, its easier to find and jackson does really neat guitars for metal.

3 - schecter jeff loomis jlv-7fr or jlv-6fr

jeff loomis is an amazing guitar player. having his signature V guitar with a 7th string, i felt could be a great deal, eventhough im not really that proficient and do not require a 7th string. but i find this guitar too expensive and too hard to find.

my budget is around $1.300/1.000€ tops, i don't mind looking for 2nd handed guitars but, for an original one, i plan to send at least $700/450€, to ensure i can find a good quality guitar. I am open to suggesstions from other brands, as well as info about stores i can buy them, alternatives, advices, etc.

thanks and keep it metal