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Need help deciding on my first guitar

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Heyas everyone, absolute beginner here, always wanted to start learning guiar. I’m finally tying the knot and buying my first guitar, just can’t decide on which to buy. Currently stuck between the Parker Fly and the Tokai Talbo. They’re both absolute beauties, fit in my budget and are played by some of my favorite artists (Reeves Gabrels played the Parker Fly and Susumu Hirasawa played the Tokai Talbo.) Any input and help is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!

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Wow, $1000+ for a first guitar? You must be doing pretty well for yourself. I tend to be more conservative. My first guitar, as an absolute beginner, cost $220, but it was also a package deal with an amp, picks, tuner, etc. My next was a second hand in mint condition for $550.

I never spend huge amounts of money on gear that has a learning curve. I may not continue it, so then the money is wasted.

I advise to tone it down (nyuk nyuk), but if you're all fired up to spend the money, I'd probably go with the Tokai, which I think looks better.

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I wouldn't recommend an expensive guitar. As a beginner you are good as long as your guitar's action is not too high and it holds tuning longer than 2 hours;)
Just google something like cheap guitar and read reviews before you buy.
a $200 guitar will work great for you.

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That's too much for your first guitar :shock: I would recommend going for a lower price guitar. You can refer some blogs and videos for "guitar for beginners" to get a basic idea. They are really helpful.