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need help finding first electric guitar

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so I'm looking to get my first guitar but I don't know which to get. the bands I would like to sound like are
guns n roses
black Sabbath
I'm also a left handed player so guitar options are limited ps. try to keep the price low plz

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Well, you're tending towards Gibson guitars; Slash uses a Les Paul, and Tony Iommi and Angus young both use SGs.

The limited budget options - Gibson own Epiphone which is their "entry level" brand. You should be able to find both models in left-handed, but you might pay a bit more for them. Check out your local shop.

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Pay no attention to advice about brands you get here. If this is your first guitar, it's more important that you find one that is comfortable (easy) for you to play. Start by looking at your hands. Are they thin and short, or pudgy, or long and straight? Being able to navigate the fretboard, change chords, and play without buzzing or muting strings is more important than sounding like your favorite head-banger. If you have large hands, a thin neck will likely cause problems. Similarly, if you have small hands, the larger, wider necks on some brands will make it difficult to play.

Do yourself a favor and spend a few hours in your guitar shop. I don't mean all at once, I mean visit several stores, or if you only have one nearby, the same one several times. Play a LOT of guitars. And don't limit yourself to just electric (or just acoustic). Electrics will likely be easier to play, but you're going to need an amp to get the full benefit. What you pay for the amp might be better spent on a better acoustic, which you can also practice without sending the neighbors to the phone calling the quiet police.

Shopping online is a hit-or-miss proposition. In a store, you can find THE guitar that sings to you. Online, you only get pictures and technical specs. Take it from someone who's had a mixed bag of success shopping online. Besides, your local guitar shop is a great resource, and if you get to know them, and they you, you'll have a better relationship than you will with a web browser.

Be prepared to spend about US$200. Even at that price, you're likely to get a plywood/pressed wood instrument, with little or poor finishing, sub-par tuners and electronics, and mediocre neck action. But it's your first guitar (I bought my first guitar -- used --for US$10, and the action was so bad, the strings were 1/2" off the fretboard at the 12th fret!), and it should be enough to get you a) practiced, and b) more knowledgeable about what you want in your NEXT guitar!

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I can actually help you out with that. I have an article up on that right now that gives you plenty of options based on who you want to play like. For your style I recommend a Jackson. If you want to check the article out, it's in my signature

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