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Need Help Playing DF & FA notes together

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am I on the right track here:

if I want to play the D&F notes and then the F&A notes at the same time [like in Jacob's Ladder]
D&F = A string 5th fret & D string 3rd fret
F&A = D string 3rd fret & G string 2nd fret

Jacob;s Ladder

any help is greatly appreciated

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That's not an F, it's an F# - the piece is in the key of D. (Shout if you want more info on that, I don't know if you just missed it or you don't know about key signatures). Other than that you're spot on.

Personally I'd play:

D and F# = A string, 5th fret and D string, 4th fret
F# and A = D string 4th fret and G string, 2nd fret - Guitar Chord/Scale Finder/Viewer