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Need proper guitar lessons

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Hi everyone,

I am new to the forum and also VERY new to playing guitar.

Recently decided I would try to learn guitar so picked up a cheap electric guitar on eBay

This was a while ago and I am still struggling, I have done the usual you tube videos and lessons but nothing really seems to be helping, its really hard finding good lessons which build me up instead of jumping from one song to the next. I am looking to buy some online guitar lessons, like jam play but want to know if anyone has experience with lessons from these types of services? I have heard from this website ( ) that jam play seems to be good and offer a free trial but if I sign up for the trial do they auto bill me later?

Also, where do I start off? I have been trying to learn chords which is working fine but I really want to play songs without stopping and starting all the time.

Sorry for all the questions!
Thanks in advance!

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There is a learning curve, and many lessons on Youtube will start from the wrong place on that curve.

The way to start is with a small subset of chords (G, Em, C and D work best as they are all open position shapes) and some easy songs. We used to have an easy songs database on this site, but more or less any song that uses three or four chords will be a good starting point. You may still stop and start a bit but it will get easier the more you work with it.

And self-police the building up process - don't try to play Dream Theatre or Rush before you can play Johnny Cash.

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You don't need to be super human or very talented to learn how to play guitar. Everyone can be good at guitar playing, the only key is "practice" as much as you can. There are so many youtube tutorials, watch it again and again and apply. Don't expect that you will learn a lot watching it once. Nice guitar though.

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