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New Bee needs advic...
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New Bee needs advice on silencing an FX loop

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Howdy Ho,

And no, I'm not calling anyone a ho. Allow me to describe my setup, if you will, and then, hopefully, some of you veterans will be able to help. "Help! Help! I'm being sonically repressed!"
My amp is a Marshall Vintage Modern 2266 50W suckeroonee. I have created an FX loop from this amp which includes the following, in their current order in the chain:
a) an Ernire Ball VP jr. volume pedal
b) a B.K. Butler Tube Driver
c) a Line 6 Constrictor compressor
d) an Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man
e) an MXR SmartGate

In contemplating and experimenting, and in reading some of the posts on this site, I've come to realize I have some of these units in the wrong position in the chain. One chap wrote that the noise gate is best placed after the overdrive, I believe. Also, while placing the volume pedal in front of the loop was intended to let me mix the loop in with my main signal, not having a volume pedal or properly configured gate at the end of the loop, apparently, means that even if I kill volume using the pedal at the front of the loop in order to blend out any FX from my signal, all that horrendous noise from the chain of FX goes pouring back into the amp's FX Return and then, voila, out through the cab.
While some of this is no doubt as obvious as nachos with extra cheese to many of you, for me it's all new and I'm just learning, so any helpful advice would be most welcome.