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New Fender

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Hello everyone,
I hope someone can help please. I hav e just registered to ask a question. I have just taken delivery of a Fender guitar that I have bought for my hubby for christmas. I thought I'd check to make sure it was ok before wrapping it in crimbo wrap.
My problem is, it's supposed to be a brand new guitar from a reputable company, but on opening, the scratch plate looks as if it has been played at 50th gigs!!!!!
Should the scratch plate have a plastic cover on it? One that you peel off.,if you buy a new guitar, and if so, is it quite hard to peel off. It looks like there is one, but I don't want to to do anything wrong in case I have to send it back.
I have emailed the company as soon as I saw it, and taken photos, but they haven't replied.
I'm wondering now if I should just peal off, but it looks like I would have to undo screws first.
Oh dear, I'm not a muso, but my hubby will hit the roof if he sees the state of the scratch plate. He doesn't trust ordering stuff off the internet at the best of times!!! :?
Just needed to talk to someone who might know what to do.
The company aren't answering their phone either.
Cheers :-0 x

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Most of them come with a thin plastic protective layer that you can peel off - what company?

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hmm, hard to determine w/o a pic. Usually guitars come with a plastic film that peals off easily but often times that gets removed (by some customer) while hanging on the wall. If that happens, and the next guy try's out the guitar it could have some minor scratching but it shouldn't look like 50 gigs!
If there is plastic, you certainly wouldn't need to remove the screws to get it off... you've probably got fingernails, see if you can peel up a little -just at an edge. If it peels up - then there's no problem, if it doesn't the dealer has "got some splaining to do" (imagine ricky's voice here).

Either way, you may feel reassured to know these pick-gaurds are easily replaceable and only cost about $30. a new one can really make an improvement "looks wise" on a guitar. Not tuff to swap either. just need a screw driver.

I guess If I were your hubby... it wouldn't bother me even if it was a bit used as long as you got a fair deal on it.

If you can tell us more, and/or provide pics we can probably let you know.

Ultimately, if you are unsatisfied, the seller may charge you some shipping/re-stocking but you should be able to get an exchange at the least. If not, then they aren't reputable at all and should have their name dragged through the mud here!

one other option: drag it around on the concrete, scuff it up with sandpaper, get someone to blow smoke at it and put a few cigarette burns on the headstock. then tell him it's a much more expensive road worn series! (jk)

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Yes, it probably will have a thin plastic covering on the scratch plate and it should peel off quite easily by putting your finger nail under it. Can you upload the pictures you have sent to the company so we can see them?

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Hi, given my experiences with retailers both on and of-line my suggestion would be to leave it as it is and present it to your Husband as planned. My thoughts are here that you have then at least got 2 heads on the Job as opposed to one very uncertain one. Meanwhile keep registering your Query with the retailer right up until Christmas as a matter of record.

A new Fender!. Wow, what a lucky man. I'm sure he'll be knocked out by that.

Good Luck


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and be careful with bubble wrap. quite often when an object with a finish is wrapped with the bubbles touching the surface marks when appear; looking like a squid or octopus attack. it has something to do with the out-gassing of plastic. if you must wrap do it so the bubbles are facing outward.
I have lots of experience with bubble wrap having worked in a museum for 16 years. plexiglass is extremely susceptible to marking. whereas a guitar may not be...why take the chance.
new guitars have plastic covering the pickguard.