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New Guitar Buzz

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Hey everybody!

I just got my first electric guitar in the mail, and it has a very significant buzz on the 1st (high E) string. When I listen closely, it sounds like it's either coming from the first fret or the nut. I tried raising the action on that string to almost as high as it goes, and it helped a bit, but the buzz is still there. The rest of the strings seem to be fine after raising their action a tiny bit. Any suggestions as to what I can try? The guitar is only a Squier Standard Strat, so I'm not expecting it to be of very high quality, but in its current state, it's hard to play an open chord without cringing :)

Thanks for your help!

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Sounds like a poorly cut nut.

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which means that the nut slots for the string could be too deep or too wide or both. or the opposite. too shallow and narrow of a cut.
you could replace the nut. that is not too hard.

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I'd probably try changing that string before anything else - I've had buzzy strings once or twice.

Also, although this is probably obvious, make sure your guitar is tuned correctly.