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New Guitar Player questions?

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Welcome to the boards, and you have SO come to the right place:
Hey There Delilah

Due to a bit of a long story (check the "news" forum if you're interested) it actually doesn't have the tab on it, but it's still awfully useful.

I'll second what others have said, though- do go ahead and learn your basic chords and progressions, maybe through some of the easy song lessons. With those down, songs like Hey There Delilah aren't too hard to figure out by ear. (If I'm remembering it right- I don't own a copy of the song.)


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Thanks for the lesson links guys, sorry for so many questions, but what chords should I be learning and such, I've been practicing the songs a bit, and I don't really know where to get a start with what chords to learn.

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This might help.

It's a FAQ ("frequently asked question"), which also contains a link to our "Absolute Beginners" lesson on chords. That lesson will walk you through the most common open position chords you're likely to come across.

Hope it helps. And feel free to use the search engine on the Guitar Noise "Home" page. as well asl the links up at the top of every page to "lessons" or "easy songs for beginners" or "topics." Not to mention the FAQ files. They might give you a little more direction.


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