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New guitar question

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Hi to everyone. Im a recent convert (4 days) so im still
remembering chords etc and havin a good time of it.

Tried once before years ago, but i was a kid then lacking
in the attention span and determination i now have.

One of the reasons I have started now though is I was given

Its supposed to teach how to play, but in reality you have now clue
what chords are lighting up on the fretboard and strumming/fingering
is down to you with no explanation.

So with this in mind I set about learning through websites and a couple
books, and so far all's goin well. But i was wondering if i should buy an
electric guitar as soon as possible, or do you think this guitar is ok to
learn with as it has buttons instead of actual strings on the fretboard.

If you think I should change as soon as possible, what sort of electric
guitar is good for a beginner (hopin to play rock, one day i will play the
solo from stairway to heaven, OH YES I WILL!!!!!) :D

Obviously dont have a fortune to spend, but also i don't want to buy
a cheap guitar then have to buy another one shortly after.

Anyhoo, appreciate any comments from you lot :roll:

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I think we'd all suggest you go shopping and buy a "real" guitar". Whether you buy accoustic or electric is up to you.

If you're going the accoustic route - Nick speaks well of Seagull

If you're going the electric route - Washburn make some inexpensive axes (don't be tempted with the Washburn Dimebag just yet, though), and shouldn't bust the bank although you'll have to get an amp too.


A :-)

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I'll have a look around. Seen some starter packages including amp etc.
I need something that looks good with spandex and long hair. kiddin

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what Alan said.

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I've had great luck with my Ibanez, RG series. At $300 for my first electric, i still love to play it. It's solid and easy to play.

For a first guitar though, I'd recommend going acoustic. You can take it anywhere and see if you'll stick with it without having to shell out an additional couple of hundred on an amp and cord. Plus it's easier going from acoustic to electric than the other way around.